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We have trusted suppliers within all food groups

able to deliver quality products

Renowned suppliers

We work only with renowned suppliers

Choosing the best from the European food industry.
We believe the origin of food is key in determining the quality.

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We are all over Europe

Our salmon comes from the clear cold waters off the coast of Greenland

Our cheese comes from a traditional italian cheese factory near Verona 

Our meat comes from animals living on the sunny plains in Spain


Selected suppliers

Choosing the best from the European food industry.

We believe the origin of food is key in determining the quality.

Selected suppliers
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Batallé - DUROC (Spain)

Batallé’s objectives are to supply consumers with high-quality products, to guarantee their traceability, and to contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement of the environment, today and for future generations.

Batallé strives for the pigs at its farms to be raised in a setting that meets all their physical, dietary and health requirements.


Batallé’s main goal is to ensure the utmost quality and complete reliability in all its products. This is achieved through the professionalism of our team, and a genetic enhancement program designed to turn out homogeneous, high-quality meat products.


Ghidetti (Italy)

Willemo Ghidetti was a man with a head full of visionary ideas and lot of dreams, in 1937 he opened a small cheese factory in Isola Rizza, near Verona, starting to produce Provolone. Sacrifices, intuitions, small achievements, and much satisfaction brought us here. Year after year, from a small craft production we grew up and expand our production. Today, thanks to the technological innovation we have advanced machinery that makes our productions automated in support of our cheesemakers.

It’s been seventy years and three generations but our mission is always to guarantee consumers high quality products and sanitary guarantees. With an eye to the future and our feet anchored to the tradition, everyday we strive to produce quality cheese and to achieve new goals.

Ghidetti Presentation PDF


Espuña (Spain)

The products of Espuña are deeply embedded in peoples’ daily life.

The reason is quite simple.

At Espuña our innovation never stops, which means that we can offer our consumers the products best suited to their needs and habits.


Innovation with us goes hand in hand with traditional expertise and production standards; our products are made with care and perseverance. Respect for tradition with a taste for innovation.


Peas Of Heaven - (Sweden)

Peas of heaven was born out of a 100 year old family business, focused on deli meats and charcuteries. But when the two sons of the family took over the business, they realized we all have to change our ways if we want to save the planet. They also realized most people still love meat. And so they took everything they knew about what makes meat taste great and decided to make the best-tasting plant-based products our there.

We’re on a mission to make it easier for everyone to eat plant-based. That’s why our goal is to make super tasty vegan alternatives to all your favorite foods. Just swap your regular meat for our plant-based meat made from peas, and voilá: you’ve instantly reduced your carbon footprint!

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Top Single Service (Italy)

Top Single Service was established in 1999, on the border between the provinces of Cremona, Parma and Mantua, areas known for the production of specialty products. Initially, the only activity was the single-serve packaging of condiments and sauces. Given the excellent results achieved, and with a view to Italianize and continuously improve the product, the company decided to manage the production independently, extending its range of sizes as well. Enthusiasm and desire to grow did the rest: the production of an entire range of mayonnaise based sauces, a wide range of creams such as: artichokes, mushrooms, cheese, chicory, pumpkin cream, pesto sauce, truffle cream, tomato sauce and asparagus. Today, Top Food is a constantly evolving company with its own research labs, focused in the development of new recipes. All this has been made possible thanks to a plant of about 5,000 square meters, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the production of food. We also pay special attention to quality, with a quality assurance office checking constantly every single phase of production. Top Food operates under its own brand mainly in catering and it is working as a partner for production of third party trademark.

Range Catalogue

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Palacios Group (Spain)

Palacios is a leading business group in the Spanish food sector, starting out as a family butcher's that opened in 1960 in Albelda de Iregua. This same Rioja town saw the arrival of Embutidos Palacios in 1983 that initially only made strung chorizos.

After several decades of backing innovation, quality and diversification, the Palacios Group today is a benchmark in the food sector with full line of products ranging from several types of chorizo to frozen desserts, including omelettes, ready-meals and pizzas products.


Peridot (Dutch)

We are the market leader in Mediterranean products for the food service and hospitality industry. With us you will find the complete assortment of dried tomatoes, olives, pesto, tapenades, hummus and stuffed peppers in large and small packaging so that the end user is optimally served.

Our products find their way through Europe every day from our two production locations. We usually deliver from stock and produce customer-specific items in consultation, taking into account the wishes of the end customer.

Organic production and labelling of organic products

ORGANIC Certificate #1

ORGANIC Certificate #2

IFS Certificate

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Chiarazzo (Italy)

From Passion To...Pizza

The Chiarazzo company started its business over 10 years ago making high-quality “Piadina”. The evolution of the market drivers prompted Chiarazzo to expand production to a wider range of baked goods such as Pizza Bases and Pucce.

Over the years Chiarazzo has undergone various organizational steps and today the company counts on a large team of employees and consultants who guarantee a high level of professionalism that allows us to work with seriousness and punctuality with important distributions.

Range Catalogue

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Gran Cucina (Italy)

The Gran Cucina label reads in Italian "Fresca Natura in Tavola" which means "Fresh Nature on your Table". Each Gran Cucina product brings us the tasteful flavours of a farm, the smell of the hand picked vegetables and the good cooking and bottling of each one of the 100% natural ingredients used.


All the Gran Cucina Gourmet specialties are true to their label when we think of the "lavorazione artiggianale" which means the know-how coming from the chefs who are real "cooking artisans". This is combined with the highest standards of food safety and quality control without compromising the flavor, smell and taste of each one of these delicatessen.

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Shaffa (Netherlands)

Shaffa Bakery - flatbread connoisseurs baking bread is their passion. Using oriental recipes no additives are added to their product they keep the Clean Label policy.

Pita is a popular old Mediterranean flatbread recipe. It is baked at a high temperature so that it forms raised pockets in the middle give it a pocket characteristic which can then be filled with any type of food served as a starter or snack.

Pita is a bread that can be used all day - every day.

In its entirety, Pita is vegan-friendly as the most basic ingredients to make this bread are flour, water, yeast and salt.


Surgital (Italy)

Italy’s best fresh frozen pasta for food service, large-scale distribution, private labels and retail.


Their business is based on knowledge of tradition and love for Emilia-Romagna, a land of great gastronomic culture.


For them, business means opening up to the world and welcoming the new without ever forgetting their values and the good rules of fresh handmade pasta.


Thanks to the quality of the raw material and the collaboration with chefs, pasta makers, biologists and production technicians, they guarantee safety and quality in all production lines, while maintaining the artisanal qualities of fresh pasta in all products.

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Galar foods (Spain)

The family tradition goes back to 1968, when grazing developed naturally into the current meat and sausage sector. The communication from parents to children has meant that today Galar continues to be a company with a family character, which is constantly developing without neglecting its origins.

Market demands and the need to constantly develop mean that today they have the latest quality requirements. The transformation in the production processes has given rise to an automated industrial plant where the product envisages complete traceability. From its origins, the farms, to the final product, the sausage.

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