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We have trusted suppliers within all food groups

able to deliver quality products

We work only with renowned suppliers

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We are all over Europe

Our trout comes from the clear cold waters of Denmark

Our cheese comes from a traditional italian cheese factory near Verona 

Our meat comes from animals living on the sunny plains in Spain

All UFS Suppliers
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Batallé - DUROC (Spain)

Batallé’s objectives are to supply consumers with high-quality products, to guarantee their traceability, and to contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement of the environment, today and for future generations.

Batallé strives for the pigs at its farms to be raised in a setting that meets all their physical, dietary and health requirements.


Batallé’s main goal is to ensure the utmost quality and complete reliability in all its products. This is achieved through the professionalism of our team, and a genetic enhancement program designed to turn out homogeneous, high-quality meat products.

Elposo - logo.png

El Pozo (Spain)

The company has boosted its growth thanks to strong brand positioning and the launch of high value-added products El Pozo Alimentación, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, has increased its turnover by 8.5 percent, reaching 1.804,3 million euros in 2023. This evolution is due to strong brand positioning and innovation in high added-value products.

El Pozo Alimentación has invested 76.5 million euros in both tangible and intangible assets. The company has focused its efforts on research, training and the development of its products and brand. Among the most important launches are the +PROTEÍNAS ElPozo Bienstar line, with sliced and partially cooked products rich in protein, a segment that is growing, and one in which the company is a pioneer, La Croquetería, a range of gourmet breaded products that stand out in terms of both quality and taste, and the ElPozo KING UPP brand, the company’s newest and most ground-breaking proposition.


Espuña (Spain)

The products of Espuña are deeply embedded in peoples’ daily life.

The reason is quite simple.

At Espuña our innovation never stops, which means that we can offer our consumers the products best suited to their needs and habits.


Innovation with us goes hand in hand with traditional expertise and production standards; our products are made with care and perseverance. Respect for tradition with a taste for innovation.

Breu_Logo_500px -.png

Breu GmbH (D)

Breu's unique and innovative salami snacks bring a lot of joy to salty snacks. Long shelf life at room temperature helps your customers generate many impulse purchases. The high level of drying is proof of the highest quality. The tasty snacking and also the sausage gift are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

As a manufacturer of salami sticks and products for salami cutters, Breu supplies butchers and catering wholesalers in Germany, Austria and France. Their salami is chopped medium coarse and is of top Bavarian quality. The aroma and taste combine the spicy spice and a slightly smoky note.


Top Single Service (Italy)

Top Single Service was established in 1999, on the border between the provinces of Cremona, Parma and Mantua, areas known for the production of specialty products. Initially, the only activity was the single-serve packaging of condiments and sauces. Given the excellent results achieved, and with a view to Italianize and continuously improve the product, the company decided to manage the production independently, extending its range of sizes as well. Enthusiasm and desire to grow did the rest: the production of an entire range of mayonnaise based sauces, a wide range of creams such as: artichokes, mushrooms, cheese, chicory, pumpkin cream, pesto sauce, truffle cream, tomato sauce and asparagus. Today, Top Food is a constantly evolving company with its own research labs, focused in the development of new recipes. All this has been made possible thanks to a plant of about 5,000 square meters, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the production of food. We also pay special attention to quality, with a quality assurance office checking constantly every single phase of production. Top Food operates under its own brand mainly in catering and it is working as a partner for production of third party trademark.

Range Catalogue

Sauces & Dip

Gran Cucina (Italy)

The Gran Cucina label reads in Italian "Fresca Natura in Tavola" which means "Fresh Nature on your Table". Each Gran Cucina product brings us the tasteful flavours of a farm, the smell of the hand picked vegetables and the good cooking and bottling of each one of the 100% natural ingredients used.


All the Gran Cucina Gourmet specialties are true to their label when we think of the "lavorazione artiggianale" which means the know-how coming from the chefs who are real "cooking artisans". This is combined with the highest standards of food safety and quality control without compromising the flavor, smell and taste of each one of these delicatessen.


Peridot (Dutch)

We are the market leader in Mediterranean products for the food service and hospitality industry. With us you will find the complete assortment of dried tomatoes, olives, pesto, tapenades, hummus and stuffed peppers in large and small packaging so that the end user is optimally served.

Our products find their way through Europe every day from our two production locations. We usually deliver from stock and produce customer-specific items in consultation, taking into account the wishes of the end customer.

Organic production and labelling of organic products

BIO Certificate


Certificate of Approval

Peridot M18 - Certificaat BIO 31-12-2025

Plant-based food

Peas Of Heaven - (Sweden)

Peas of heaven was born out of a 100 year old family business, focused on deli meats and charcuteries. But when the two sons of the family took over the business, they realized we all have to change our ways if we want to save the planet. They also realized most people still love meat. And so they took everything they knew about what makes meat taste great and decided to make the best-tasting plant-based products our there.

We’re on a mission to make it easier for everyone to eat plant-based. That’s why our goal is to make super tasty vegan alternatives to all your favorite foods. Just swap your regular meat for our plant-based meat made from peas, and voilá: you’ve instantly reduced your carbon footprint!

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Chiarazzo (Italy)

From Passion To...Pizza

The Chiarazzo company started its business over 10 years ago making high-quality “Piadina”. The evolution of the market drivers prompted Chiarazzo to expand production to a wider range of baked goods such as Pizza Bases and Pucce.

Over the years Chiarazzo has undergone various organizational steps and today the company counts on a large team of employees and consultants who guarantee a high level of professionalism that allows us to work with seriousness and punctuality with important distributions.

Range Catalogue

La Pizzeria.png

La Pizzeria (Italy)

Quality is what we value most, which is why our flour is made from 100% Italian grain.


We take great care to let our dough rest gently and slowly to ensure that the maturity in taste and texture of our products is at its best. We can give you peace of mind by displaying our BRC & IFS certification.


Traditional craftsmanship is something we have perfected. 

We form and stretch our base by hand, top them with the most locally sought-after toppings and develop new recipes and flavors together with our customers.


Our production line is able to deliver fresh and frozen pizza bases, topped pizzas, specialty breads and much more by combining traditional techniques with the latest innovation in food manufacturing

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palacios logo.png

Palacios Group (Spain)

Palacios is a leading business group in the Spanish food sector, starting out as a family butcher's that opened in 1960 in Albelda de Iregua. This same Rioja town saw the arrival of Embutidos Palacios in 1983 that initially only made strung chorizos.

After several decades of backing innovation, quality and diversification, the Palacios Group today is a benchmark in the food sector with full line of products ranging from several types of chorizo to frozen desserts, including omelettes, ready-meals and pizzas products.


Surgital (Italy)

Italy’s best fresh frozen pasta for food service, large-scale distribution, private labels and retail.


Their business is based on knowledge of tradition and love for Emilia-Romagna, a land of great gastronomic culture.


For them, business means opening up to the world and welcoming the new without ever forgetting their values and the good rules of fresh handmade pasta.


Thanks to the quality of the raw material and the collaboration with chefs, pasta makers, biologists and production technicians, they guarantee safety and quality in all production lines, while maintaining the artisanal qualities of fresh pasta in all products.

PRÆS Cung Dinh emballager SAMLET.png

Cung Dinh (Vietnam)

After 28 years of development, their company has over 2,000 employees. With numerous high-quality and modern product lines, they have introduced many products that have been well received by customers worldwide, such as our Cung Dinh noodles.

Cung Dinh instant noodles are made from first-class potatoes with a wonderful crispy taste. Cung Dinh instant noodles are added pot stew inlaid in special sauce packets.

The perfect combination of spices and water to create a delicious bowl of noodles.

In just 3 minutes you can enjoy a tasty and healthy dish.

Flavours: Prawn, Pork with mushroom, Pork with bamboo, Chicken & Beef.

höf logo.png

Höf (Germany)


Höf - europe’s speciality bakery, bringing you the finest baked goods since 1995. Höf has been a family-owned and operated bakery since their founding in 1995 and is located in Gütersloh. They are deeply rooted in Nordrhein-Westfalen, yet they are open to the world and take pride in merging the German baking tradition with modern technology and creativity. With two state-of-the-art production facilities, they are dedicated to creating Europe’s finest baked specialities.

Thoroughness, efficiency, reliability – their gründlichkeit has been one of the main pillars of their success.


Because to them, being gründlich simply means they care. Sourcing the best ingredients means they care. Ensuring product safety means they care. Having an eye for detail means they care. And all that care, in the end, makes all the difference.


The difference between a good product and an amazing product.

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SAFA FOOD (Ireland)

Safa Food is a Dublin-based family-run company baking fresh bread and sweet treatsfor customers worldwide. The company was started back in 2005 and 15 years of careand experience goes into creating every product all based on authentic recipes.

Safa started small and they’re still known for their original products of pitta bread and Mediterranean wraps – in fact the company was the first producer of Mediterranean flatbreads in Ireland! As the company became more recognised for their delicious bread they moved to a state-of-the-art bakery facility. They expanded their range to naan bread confectionery and later to gluten-free baking.

Committed to excellence in 2009 the bakery team implemented a Global Standard for Food Safety and Safa Food was awarded Certification BRC Grade (A). The company is proud to employ over 100 people in the local area now.


Ghidetti (Italy)

Willemo Ghidetti was a man with a head full of visionary ideas and lot of dreams, in 1937 he opened a small cheese factory in Isola Rizza, near Verona, starting to produce Provolone. Sacrifices, intuitions, small achievements, and much satisfaction brought us here. Year after year, from a small craft production we grew up and expand our production. Today, thanks to the technological innovation we have advanced machinery that makes our productions automated in support of our cheesemakers.

It’s been seventy years and three generations but our mission is always to guarantee consumers high quality products and sanitary guarantees. With an eye to the future and our feet anchored to the tradition, everyday we strive to produce quality cheese and to achieve new goals.

Ghidetti Presentation PDF

DANFOREL logo net #2.png

DANFOREL (Denmark)

Danforel is a privately owned limited company with approx. 140 employees. They are Europe's leading, largest and oldest producer of smoked trout fillets.

Since its founding in 1939, Danforel has worked purposefully to achieve the best possible quality in its products. Therefore, they have strict control over the entire process from breeding to the hot-smoked fillet being sent out to the shops.

They can produce up to 120,000 consumer packages daily at their 15,000 m2 factory in Grindsted, Denmark.

The majority comes from their own six aquaculture facilities. All their fish are ASC certified for responsible farming.


Naked Indian (UK)

Naked Indian brings you a collection of the best and favorite Indian recipes, for chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables, fish, prawns, beans, pulses - the possibilities are endless.

Explore unlimited flavor combinations. The classic combinations are cauliflower & spinach, spinach & potato, chickpeas & spinach, chicken & chickpeas and meat & spinach.
A world full of possibilities.

10 flavors to control your meals
Besides Tandoori and Spicy Tangy Wings, they also offer BBQ, Malai Tikka, Brummie Balti, Chicken Tikka Masala, Aloo Gobi, Chili Chicken, Kool Korma and Mr. B's Biryani.

Based on natural ingredients, Naked Indian Spices are made with no artificial ingredients, no MSG, no food coloring and have zero calories, zero carbs and zero fat per serving. portion.
They are vegan, contain no nitrates and are gluten-free.

Cook Indian food and create an aroma taste sensation!


Sammontana (Italy)

Sammontana - the largest Italian gelato company and leader in the frozen dessert sector in Italy - Sammontana started 70 years ago.

It's the gelato they've always been good at making, ever since they first started out as artisanal ice cream makers in a small parlor in the suburbs. Today they are the market leader in the scoop gelato industry.


The Sammontana Quality team is involved every single day in carefully analyzing raw materials and finished products, running line inspections and ensuring that all hygiene-health and system-monitoring takes place to high standards.

Working together with quality professionals, we find the Sammontana Research team whose task is to create tomorrow's products by conducting ongoing research into food trends; this involves not only researching and investigating what people like to eat, but also assessing the best ingredients and finding those most suitable for product development.

Ice Cream
Gastrolux logo.png

Gastrolux (Denmark)

With Gastrolux, customers will discover their love of cooking and enjoy every moment of their culinary adventure. A premium cookware range,
that you will be proud of.

With innovation at the core of our non-stick cookware, we leverage on the heritage of engineering brilliance that Gastrolux is trusted for. Our products provide an effortless and pleasurable cooking experience.

Our unique and robust Biotan®️ Plus non-stick coating is reinforced with valuable bio-minerals and offers a long lasting non-stick effect which allows fat-free cooking.

Our engineering innovation ensures that food can be cooked to perfection whilst locking in, intense and authentic flavours. Our technological advancements can also help retain valuable vitamins and minerals.

Our products are produced sustainably and eco-friendly. Our manufacturing process is designed to make a positive environmental impact on the planet which we ardently strive to protect.

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